Mac OS X Theme from Cleodesktop

I have been testing themes with Windows for years. Because Windows 10 keeps updating their builds, theming becomes problematic. As Microsoft upgrades to new builds, it tends to break the theme engine patches. After receiving updates to Windows 10 Build 1803, I tried the Mac OS X Theme from Cleodesktop and it takes me back to the many Tiger OSX themes of the past. They provide 6 different variations. It puts the Apple icon in the Start Menu by default. But  I installed the Classic Menu and updated the Start Menu icon to the Win10 icon. To install it, first do a system backup. Then you need to patch the theme engine with UXTheme Patcher for the 1803 build first. This is available from the Cleodesktop website and others. So after install, you get a nice bright silver theme. Below are my screen shots and a link below where you can get it. Windows 10 n longer needs to be boring and not customizeable. Enjoy.

You can get the Mac OS X theme for Windows 10 Build 1803 here: