Top 6 Themes For Windows 10

It’s been only about a month and half since the preview build of Windows 10 is available for download but the rate at which developers are releasing new themes or updating existing themes to support Windows 10 indicates that another Windows 7 is in the offering.
Unlike the days of Windows XP, today, not all PC users are interested in custom themes partly because Windows 7, Windows 8, and even the new Windows 10 look good out of the box. Having said that, there is no dearth of elegant third-party themes for recent versions of Windows.
Those of you have already installed Windows 10 and not happy with the offered visual style have a bunch of good themes to choose from. But to be able install a custom theme developed outside Microsoft, we need to patch system files with the help of third-party utilities. This is because, when you try to install and load a custom theme, Windows checks if the theme is signed by Microsoft for security reasons. With the help of third-party utilities, we can use unsigned themes by disabling the check or bypassing the same.

Many of you likely know that there are free tools out there to help you in installing third-party themes in Windows operating system. UXStyle and UXTheme Multi-Patcher are the popular tools out there for the job.
While UXStyle is ideal tool as it doesn’t edit or patch original system files, some users seems to be encountering issues while using UXStyle on Windows 10 as of now. So, we recommend you use UXTheme Multi-Patcher 13.1 or above version. And before installing UXTheme and custom themes, please create a system restore point just in case if something goes wrong.
Now that you know how to install custom themes in Windows 10, it’s time to download some good themes. In no particular order, following are some of the good-looking themes available for Windows 10.

Best Windows 10 visual styles

Please click on the download link to visit the developer’s page to download the theme. To install the theme, please follow the instructions provided on the developer’s page or the read me file included with the theme file.

Unity theme 2014

Easily the best looking custom Windows 10 theme. The download page has clear instructions to install the theme. Download it from here.

Unity theme 2014

Easily the best looking custom Windows 10 theme. The download page has clear instructions to install the theme. Download it from here.
Unity for Windows 10 theme

Ubuntu for Windows 10

Want to give you Windows 10 a touch of Ubuntu? This is the perfect theme for those who love the look of Ubuntu. This theme is available for both 32 and 64-bit Windows 10. Download it from this page.
Ubuntu theme 2 for Windows 10
Ubuntu theme for Windows 10

Silk for Windows 10

One of the first themes released for Windows 10. Download Silk theme from here.
Silk theme for Windows 10
Nome for Windows 10
Nome is a simple and clean theme for Windows 10. This theme reminds me the Silver color theme of Windows XP. Nome theme can be downloaded by visiting this page.
Nome theme for Windows 10
Vanilla for Windows 10
Another clean and elegant visual style for Windows 10 based on the native Windows 10 visual style. As you can see, the theme is borderless, something many users have been asking for years. Head over to this page to download Vanilla theme for Windows 10.
Vanilla theme for Windows 10


Licorice is a another simple theme for Windows 10.
Licorice theme for Windows 10
Download Licorice