Windows 10 Color Control: Set Custom Colors For Taskbar & Window Borders

If you have made the jump and upgraded your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 installation to Windows 10, you probably have noticed the default dark color used for the Start menu and taskbar.
Windows 10 allows users change the default color of taskbar and Start menu, but the Settings app offers limited set of colors. As you can see in the picture, the Settings app allows you choose a color from close to fifty colors, but it does not offer colors in brighter shades.

Windows 10 Color Control pic1

While, we can use the color mixer in the hidden Color and Appearance window, it’s almost impossible to set a bright color as Start menu or taskbar background.
The other issue with the default color and appearance in Windows 10 is that we can’t set different colors for taskbar and window borders. This is because, the selected accent color is not just used for Start menu and taskbar, but also for window borders and some other areas of the operating system.

Windows 10 Color Control software

If you want to set a bright color or love to have different colors on your taskbar/Start and window borders, you can now download a small utility called Windows 10 Color Control.
Windows 10 Color Control pic2
Windows 10 Color Control is a free software developed by the maker of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker and Unchecky (now part of Reason Company Software).
Windows 10 Color Control utility gives you the liberty to set your own, custom color as accent color. The tool also allows you set different colors for taskbar/Start and window borders.

Windows 10 Color Control

And if you are wondering about new auto-color accent algorithm, it’s nothing but the new color calculation algorithm used in Windows 10 and there is no point in enabling the option while using this tool.
Using Windows 10 Color Control is also extremely easy. Download the zip file (link available at end of this article), extract it to get the executable, run the same, select DWM color (window border color) and then select accent color (for taskbar, start menu) and then click Apply button. The tool will automatically refresh the color to reflect new colors.
Overall, the tool might not be useful for everyone but if you love customizing your Windows 10 installation, this portable utility will be helpful for you.

Download Windows 10 Color Control