Changing the white Windows 10 title bar color the easy way

One common trend in software development in the past couple of years seems to be to streamline products and remove options in the process.
We see this in most tech products this day, be it browsers or operating systems. Windows 10 is a good example as it is more restrictive than previous versions of Windows when it comes to user choice and options.
Personalization options are for instance limited when you compare them to previous versions of the operating system. You may notice for instance that you cannot change the white color of the title bar in Windows 10 which means that every window you open when you are running the operating system has a white title bar.
While you can still access the personalization options with a right-click on the desktop and the selection of personalize, you will notice that it lacks core options that were part of previous versions of Windows.
If you don't want your title bar color to be white, for instance because it is too bright in the morning or late at night, then you need to hack the system to change that color as there is no option to make that change in the settings.
If you search for solutions on the Internet you will find many that suggest adding themes to the system or replacing system files. While that works, there is a simpler option that does not require as much effort but offers the same result.
All you need to do is to download Winaero Tweaker from the Winaero website and use it to enable custom Windows 10 title bar colors (for those interested, we have reviewed the program previously).
The program is a tweaking software for Windows 10 that you can use to change various system settings, and one of those tweaks unlocks the color selection for Windows 10's title bar.
colored title bars
Download and extract the program files to your Windows 10 system. Run the program afterwards, and select Colored Title Bars under Appearance in its interface.
Click on "enable colored title bars" to lift the white color restriction. You can use the personalize menu then to change the title bar, or have the system set it automatically based on the selected desktop background. The program ships with an option to undo the change at any time should the need arise.
This can be the case for instance if Microsoft implements native options to change the title bar's color scheme with an update. For now though, it is the easiest option by far.