Modern Reader: Best Google Reader App For Windows 8

Many of us spend far too much of our day using Google Reader. As most of you know, it’s the best service out there to easily read all feeds from one place and includes decent set of options. And the best thing is it’s completely free.
There are hundreds of free Google Reader clients available for Windows desktop. But if you are a Windows 8 RT tablet user or a Windows 8 desktop/notebook user who likes the Modern Style apps and UI, you may want to install a good Google Reader app. While there is no official Google Reader app is available for Windows 8 as of now, a good third-party app is now available at the Store.
Modern Reader is a free, quality Google Reader app for Windows 8. The user interface and layout of the app is good and includes all the features and options you would like to see in a good Google Reader app.

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It comes with a set of five themes or colors: creamsicle, bubblegum, classic, and midnight black. The current version of Modern Reader lets you change the text size (you have to chose between small, medium, or large). To change the default color, bring up the Charms bar by moving the mouse cursor to the upper right-hand corner of the screen, click Settings and then click Settings again.

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While reading your feeds, right-click on anywhere on the app to see add feed, remove feed, rename feed, mark unread, start feed, refresh, and sort (newest to oldest or oldest to newest) options. It also includes an experimental version of Web View feature which lets you quickly open the source of the feed (webpage) within the app.

Best Google Reader app for Windows 8

The only downside of the app is that it doesn’t allow you resize columns.

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Overall, Modern Reader is the best Google Reader app available for Windows 8 now. Please note that the free version of Modern Reader displays ads on the upper right of the screen. You need to buy the app ($1.49) to remove ads. So, if you don’t mind ad on the screen you can continue using the free version.
Modern Reader is compatible with x86, x64 and ARM-based processors. Launch the Store app, search for Modern Reader to read more about the app and install the same.