Start Menu being added by Samsung & Others

Several vendors announced tweaks in the Win8 Customer Preview to add the Start menu button back to Windows 8. Stardock and Samsung are some of the firms announcing they are adding the Start menu to their Win8 installations or products. Below is info on both of them. It was just a mater of time. I would not be surprised to see a free hack in the future. The Stardock product includes an option to boot directly to the desktop. Nice touch and at $5- the price is fair. Stay tuned.

You can get it here:

Samsung brings back the ‘Start’ menu in Windows 8 with free app

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By pavan.kumar ,Thursday, October 18th, 2012 Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Samsung brings back the Start menu in Windows 8 with free appIf you don’t want to miss the ‘Start’ menu button on the upcoming Windows 8 operating system, you can opt for any of the computers that have been recently unveiled by Samsung. Samsung is offering a free app that mimics the classic ‘Start’ menu for its Windows 8 laptops and tablets.

The pseudo-Start menu — dubbed Quick Starter (previously known as S Launcher) — from Samsung will be available as a downloadable app on the Series 5 and Series 7 Samsung slates. The app was earlier due to ship with new Windows 8-based Samsung machines. However, it will be now available as a free download when the new range of Samsung computers hit store shelves.

According to a Samsung representative, “The Quick Starter app provides a taskbar that can open different applications and a ‘Start’ menu that will have the same look and feel of the Windows 7 ‘Start’ menu. Quick Starter is a feature new to Windows 8 and is designed to provide users with a ‘choice of interface’ and ‘a familiar navigation scheme’.”
The newly introduced range of Windows 8-powered Samsung PCs and tablets are now available for pre-order at Samsung’s official website and will be available in retail stores after October 26. The new Quick Starter app is not yet available for download, but once the new Windows 8-based Samsung devices get into the hands of consumers it will start popping up.